Expert Witness Testimony

I work closely with various attorneys in Washington and Oregon pertaining to criminal and civil cases involving military personnel who are incarcerated or awaiting sentencing. 

I would like to offer my services to you as a Certified Trauma Specialist, consultant and expert witness. Because of my extensive focus on the mental health impact of trauma, I have developed a highly specialized knowledge of Post Traumatic Disorder as well as the impact that Military Culture has on these types of cases.

I am a Subject Matter Expert on PTSD and have over twenty years of experience providing services to severely traumatized individuals. Among my areas of focus are mental health services related to war zone trauma, deployment stress, traumatic brain injury, law enforcement issues, divorce, chronic pain, illness, domestic violence, sexual and other assault, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance and alcohol abuse. I have provided services to military bases around the world and have written several books on PTSD and recovery after exposure to trauma. 

I have worked as expert witness testifying in depositions, hearings, and providing written evaluations.  I have prepared many written reports for various court cases involving trauma, motor vehicle accidents, child custody, veteran issues, criminal cases, disability claims for both veterans and civilians, medical boards, and social security.